India may be in a position to retaliate: US on tariff hikes


India may be in a position where it would want to retaliate, a top Trump administration official said today, even as the US continues to be on the cusp of triggering a global trade war by unveiling high import tariffs on a number of items.

The US Trade Representative (USTR), Robert Lighthizer, told lawmakers during a Congressional hearing that India’s system is not open and has a lot of “vulnerabilities”.

“My guess is that India may be in a position where they want to retaliate. I think there’s some vulnerability there. India has a substantial trade surplus with the US and they have a system which is not particularly open,” Lighthizer said.

“They have a system that has a number of vulnerabilities. So to the extent, there are individuals who have this problem, all I can say is we’ll try to work with them. It’s a serious problem and one that we have considered,” the USTR said.