Former employee files case against Wipro in US: Report


A former global university recruiting manager at Wipro has filed an employment discrimination case against the technology services exporter, according to a report.

Filing a case in Colorado district court in the US, Rex Trewin has demanded a jury trial on several issues that he alleges have “affected his employment and contributed to his termination,” according to a report in The Times of India.

Trewin has alleged that Wipro terminated his employment on March 17, 2016 and ignored his expertise in the campus recruiting space and instead penalised him for stressing the importance of complying with employment laws and regulations, TOI reported.

He has also said in his complaint that he was handed greater responsibilities- from hiring undergraduates in the United States to recruiting MBA students internationally. He has claimed he wasn’t given proper resources or staff to carry out this increased work, the report says.

Trewin has said he was terminated shortly after he got back from medical leave to tend to his mother who was seriously unwell and required assistance.

He has alleged this was Wipro’s “unlawful interference with his right to take family medical emergency leave” which resulted in damages, including loss of wages and benefits, for him, TOI said.

Wipro declined to comment on pending litigation on the story.