When your burger’s made of fries!


Most of us, when coming across one of the many outlets of The J Cafe in the city, have been unable to resist the temptation and binged on their loaded fries and milkshakes. Or ordered for home delivery on days when the hunger pangs got the best of us. But how about when even that delicious, cheesy plate of fries is unable to satiate your hunger and you want something more?

It looks like the founder of the eatery had the same thought. The J Cafe has now introduced a whole new range of burgers, with options ranging from a Chilli Cheese Burger (Rs 120) with jalapeno cheese and chilli garlic, to the Two Minute Burger (Rs 140)with ‘magic mayo’ and home-fried Maggi; the Gully Burger (Rs 150) with paneer and their special Burger Sauce; the Mac and Cheese Burger (Rs 160) made of three cheeses and chilli; The BBQ Chicken Burger (Rs 160)made of smokey barbeque sauce, cheese and coleslaw; and the Butter Chicken Burger (Rs 160) with shredded butter chicken and garlic sauce.

Comfy flavours
The first of the burgers we tried — the Chilli Cheese Burger — came to us oozing cheese with a bed of lettuce for the potato patty. The spicy kick of jalapeno and garlic chilli was delicious and we settled down to devouring it. We sipped on the Hazelnut Cold Coffee (Rs 160), the perfect accompaniment to wash it all down. Next up came the BBQ Chicken Burger and while we did anticipate the sweetness of the barbeque sauce, this one was a tad too sweet for us. A hint of spice in some or the other form would have definitely made this go up a few notches.

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