Troubleshooting time for Ola? App glitch allows users to book cab to North Korea & even the US


How far can you book a cab for? How about China, North Korea or better still, a cab from India to the West Coast of United States perhaps through the popular Route 66? It is a tough task but thanks to a glitch in the Ola Cabs’ Android app people are doing just that.

The glitch was spotted on March 18 when Rohit Menda – a techie – posted images of an Ola booking made by his friend Prashant Shahi from Bangalore to North Korea. The ride as per the images was booked for Rs 1,49,088 for a round-trip and it would have completed in five days.

Rohit, however, tagged Ola Cabs only to highlight the glitch and get it fixed. But this was enough for the Twitter to grab the opportunity and have a go at it themselves.