GoAir pilot allegedly makes threatening remarks; airline denies


Passengers of a Bengaluru-bound GoAir flight had tense moments at the airport here after a pilot allegedly made threatening remarks.

The incident happened on Sunday morning after the flight G-113 with over 180 people was delayed for more than an hour as pilots came late, a passenger said.

According to the passenger, some of the agitated passengers walked to the aero-bridge and at that time, one of them apparently shot a video of the pilots who were coming late.

When the pilot was told that the video would be put on social media, he allegedly replied that if such a thing is done, then he would crash the plane, the passenger claimed.

As other passengers came to know about the purported remarks, they were agitated and at least three of them decided not to take that flight.

When contacted, a GoAir spokesperson said that in the matter of alleged statements by the captain of Delhi-Bengaluru G8-113, the airline strongly refutes any such allegation. The flight was to take off at 5.50 am.

After conducting due diligence and enquiry into the matter, the airline has “ascertained that no such statement has been made by the captain and this has been corroborated by ground and on board staff”, the spokesperson said.

Without elaborating on the procedures followed, the spokesperson said, “of the checked in 185 plus 2 infants, the flight finally departed with 182 plus 2 infants”.