Increasing Number Of Crime Cases In India, Our Analysis


Women’s safety has always been the subject of discussion and concern in India. Whether it is an attack or a murder. Women’s safety is a matter of priority even with the security agencies. But women’s criminal case figures create a different picture.

Incidents of violence on women are increasing every day. But now the statistics of missing people is also a matter of concern. In particular, these figures are issued by the National Crime Records Bureau. The point of concern for Maharashtra is that of the 5 lakh people missing from the country, 94 thousand are from the state itself.

It includes 49,000 women. These figures are only last year’s. This increases the seriousness of this matter. These figures have led to the light of one dark time of Maharashtra. In fact, Maharashtra was once considered as the safest state in the country.

Many ‘IAS’ and ‘IPS officers are struggling to get posting in Maharashtra. Even after retirement, there are hundreds of officers who spend their lives in Maharashtra. But in the last few years, there is a picture of Maharashtra’s security image being diminished.

Development is another thing, but what about crime rates?

It is not surprising that due to the new data, the state’s top crime scene is not appreciable. These statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau are official figures proving the extent of crime, and the graph of the performance of police is also clear from one side.

Due to this, there is no appetite for growing statistics of crimes. Therefore, all socialists should consider it at all levels. Regardless of the state’s development agenda, increasing crime is also a worrying factor. Showing the dark side of the state.