India emerges as the largest market for YouTube worldwide


Online Video platform YouTube has gained immense popularity in India. With a wide variety of content available on the platform, India has adopted YouTube as its source of infotainment. It has got all sorts of videos some which entertain, some which educate. The Indian masses have just entered the era of the Internet revolution and are quite literally taking the Internet world in a stir. The masses, however, are new and are just starting to grapple with the Ocean of Information known as the Internet.

Jio is largely to thank for the revolution. With data pricing dropping to 1/10th of what it was 2 years ago. Folks from villages and Towns have access to the Internet which was largely limited to Urban Areas. YouTube offers on-demand Content in several local languages as well. Among the 265 Million Indian YouTube subscribers almost 95% consumes videos in Local languages. The demand is growing at a rapid pace too as there are several more people that are adopting to Smartphones.

India contributes to more than a Billion users that come to YouTube on a daily basis
It has a lot to offer. From recipes to tutorial videos for various topics. YouTube is also a significant source of information. Since the Audio-Visual format is more comprehensive compared to theories that are widely in a read-only text format. Even modern-day education is using the Audio-Visual format to impart learning. So, it comes as no surprise that the spread of the Internet to the rural pockets of India is adding a huge subscriber base to the YouTube website.