Bizarre Food Trends of 2018 that Need to Go Next Year


This year, while our phones beeped with Instagram notifications, we found ourselves scrolling through pages revealing shimmery appearances, flaunting that pop color and oozing some lip smacking appeal. No, we aren’t talking about runway outfits by Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana, but the glamorous food trends of 2018.

These food trends made us wish technology could allow us to download food. But were these food trends worth the hype?

Irrespective of the taste factor, noshes around the year were all about good looks, good looks and some more good looks.

Here are the hottest trends:

Chocolate Pani Puri

In bars and clubs, we saw versions of Pani Puri served with colorful water mixtures like hing, jeera, pudina, orange, pineapple and kala khata. The Pani Puri vaccine injections were unmissable and creative but imagine chowing down chocolate Pani Puri topped with colorful sprinkles. Disturbing, right?

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