Fancy buying a new luxury car at mouth-watering discount?


Fancy a brand new turbocharged BMW i8 hybrid supercar at a discount that can save you enough to buy a compact Mercedes? Or a marked-down super saloon Maserati Quattroporte that will leave you with enough money for five Maruti Suzuki Balenos?

Yes, these prized and scarce beauties can be bought from Big Boys Toyz (BBT). The rapidly expanding Gurugram-based luxury and exotic car retailer is witnessing a beeline of customers ranging from ace cricketer Virat Kohli to industrialist Sajjan Jindal.

BBT promises a whopping discount of around Rs 40 lakh on a brand new BMW i8. If you are looking for even a sweeter deal then you could even save more than Rs 1 crore on the car provided you don’t mind buying a 2015 (unused, first hand car) model. While a new 2017 version of the BMW i8 will cost Rs 2.6 crore a 2015 version is priced at Rs 1.55 crore at BBT.