Easy ways for metropolitan living in your home

Flat with plants and couch

A sustainable lifestyle and unclustered living is not just a present-day trend, but the need of the hour. Optimum utilization of space and a neutral colour palette can work wonders as a background for a modern-day home, say experts. Nikhil Tiwari, designer and founder of Topstona and Jade Davies, Interior Designer at MKM Luxe Suisse, natural stone-based wall claddings, suggest how to capture the essence of metropolitan living in your home.

Space: Optimum utilization of space. Sleek accent furniture, minimal design, wall decor accessories with utilitarian properties can optimize a space and bring the element of minimalistic metropolitan decor.

Wall decor: Don’t overlook the wall space. Add eclectic wall accents, as well as wall,  mounted lights to give an edge while making the rooms look bigger. Use light colours of paint on the majority of walls and use wallpaper on maximum one wall in each room to avoid making the space look smaller. Add large mirrors where possible to increase light and give the effect of more space.