Delhi gym trainer shot dead: Gang member’s last words, ‘Tumhe hum banaate hain TikTok ka hero


The murder of a gym trainer, who had over 500,000 followers on TikTok, has been linked to a gang war brewing in South West Delhi, where two men from the Manjeet Mahal gang were recently killed in a daylight shootout, police said.

Police reached the conclusion after they picked up a juvenile in connection with the murder of Mohit Mor, who was shot at least 13 times by the juvenile and two other men. Police claimed the juvenile was being inducted into a gang and shot at Mohit to “prove himself”.

Police said Mohit did not have a criminal record, but had allegedly taken a loan of Rs 30 lakh which he was yet to pay back. According to police, he had sought protection from top associates of the Manjeet Mahal gang, including Vikas Dalal and Pradeep Solanki. However, when Dalal and Solanki were gunned down in Dwarka Mor on May 19, Mohit’s protection was gone.

“The juvenile had joined the Sandeep Pehalwan gang and he was chosen to kill Mohit so he could prove himself. His associates were identified as Sandeep Pehalwan, who has seven criminal cases against him; Vikas, who carried a reward of Rs 50,000 and faces 10 criminal cases; and Rohit, who has a Rs 25,000 reward and is involved in a criminal case,” said DCP (special cell) Sanjeev Kumar Yadav.